For over fifty years Pinehurst has served some of the world’s leading luxury retail brands.  Our 160,000 square foot plant is just a short drive from Toronto, Canada and is one of the largest millwork facilities in North America.  Our extensive in-house capabilities include cabinetry, metal work, glass shop, and finishing - all under one roof to ensure that the components of your design come together quickly, accurately, and efficiently.   We continue to invest in people, equipment, and technology to guarantee there is no creative challenge that will exceed our manufacturing capabilities and expertise.


Quality, ingenuity, agility

Building store fixtures is the easy part.  The challenge comes in translating your vision into a workable finished product.  And that is where we shine.  We solve problems that others can't.  We produce finishes that others have not.  We employ techniques that others don't have.  We have the passion, the desire, and the capability to solve the problems others won't.


Touch wood...


The oldest and arguably the most luxurious of materials used in fixtures and mill work, nothing equals the look and feel of fine wood construction.  The array of species, finishes, and textures available is unmatched.  Our team of Cabinet Makers rely on a range of techniques from CNC machining to hand fitting so they can bring together the raw materials needed to craft the finished product. 

Whether solid wood or custom laid-up veneers, solid surface materials or plastic laminates, stone or engineered panels, our Cabinetry Department has the skills, experience, and resources needed to bring your vision to life.  From prototypes and one-offs to outfitting multiple floors, no project is too small or too complicated.

Our Finishing Department employs a state-of-the-art flat panel finishing line capable of delivering high-volume, outstanding off-the-gun finishes.  When combined with our Glossing and Polishing Lines flawless "Piano-Grade" finishes are available and offer tremendous value.  But the heart of the department is our Finishers.  It is their eyes and and their skills which produce the exact required finish.  It's their blending, tinting, bleaching and shading techniques and their steady hands which put our finishes above the rest. 



Watch the sparks fly...


Traditionally, mill work shops wouldn't have the experience or ability to work with steel, aluminum or brass alloys. But we do things differently at Pinehurst.  We have been producing our metal requirements in-house for over 20 years now, and this 35,000 sq foot department is an integral part of nearly everything we produce.  We manage the production schedules, ensure that tight tolerances are maintained, and fabricate with an understanding of what is needed to meet the customer's requirements.  This kind of direction and control is simply unavailable when metal production is out-sourced.  

From an intricate and decorative finial to the structural support within a canopy we can build whatever you can imagine.  Our shop is well equipped with modern CNC equipment like our laser, 5-axis water jet, turret punch, and multiple break presses, as well as with a range hand operated machinery.  With custom fabrication there will always be a role for hand processing and manual work as well as automation.  And no where is this easier to see than with metal polishing.  Polished pieces may start with a powered sander, but they get their mirror finish after a lot of hand work.  Polishing is hard work and it takes an artist's eye to master, and when done right the results speak for themselves.

Surface preparation is key for all metal finishes.  A highly polished electroplated finish is only as good as the metal prep before it.  And brushed finishes too are a challenge, especially where the brushing is done to replicate a mitered corner assembly.  Our metal finishers have years of experience and a wealth of techniques to produce superior results the first time.  Mistakes at this stage of production are costly and not easily reworked - we take steps to do it right the first time.



Mirror mirror on the wall...


Perhaps no material we use is less forgiving than glass.  It can chip, crack, and shatter easily in the fabrication process, and once tempered, there are no fitment adjustments available.  The edges of a vitrine or showcase with poorly executed joints jumps out to even the casual observer.  But when done well, when the CNC mitered surfaces and the UV bonding make seams disappear, and the glass slips into its brushed bronze stand like a hand in a glove, or onto its marble topped walnut table the result is spectacular.

Our Glass Department fabricates all low-iron mirror requirements in-house, performing  cutting and polishing from a large inventory of materials.  Machined and tempered low-iron (Ultra Clear, Star Fire, etc)  glass pieces are assembled using UV glues that leave no visible trace of adhesive and form bonds actually stronger than the material itself.  Mirror and glass is processed using laser engraving, chemical/mechanical etching, or sandblasting techniques to produce various effects for signage or back lighting. Whatever your glass requirement -  tempered or laminated, curved or shaped, clear or tinted - we will ensure it focuses the attention where you want it.

Wood, metal, and glass - three very different materials demanding three very different fabrication processes.  It isn't easy to be competent in all three areas, and its not without challenges.  But when you get it right, we believe it is by far the best way to manufacture the intricate fixture and millwork packages being produced by Architects, Designers, and Retailers today.  Long ago when we created this team strategy we decided to rely on our people to get the job done.  We hope you will make the same decision and rely on us too.